Channel owner's best friend

All the necessary tools for monetizing your channels in Telegram

Tagio Friend
Work together

Tagio.PRO is the only advertising platform on the market that allows you to share some of the responsibilities in a team.

Add your channel and appoint managers who will regulate prices and manage orders.

Tagio Bot
Automation in everything

The time of tedious negotiations with the client is in the past.

Added a channel, set up prices and take orders with one button right in the messenger. Doing a dozen channels have never been so easy.

Tagio Growth
Admins do not pay commission!

The platform commission is solely the responsibility of the advertiser. Channel owners receive exactly as much as indicated in the settings and not a penny less.

Tagio Growth
Promote your channel for free!

The unique implementation of the mutual PR system with internal currency is a way to keep the channel in tone with an active audience automatically.

Earned credits for advertising other channels - spent on views. Everything is simple.