TAGIO.PRO allows to place advertisement at the any Telegram channel worldwide.

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Why Tagio.PRO?


A useful tool for advertising in Telegram channels with various topics


Automatic control and publication of advertising posts


We work with payment systems around the world, we also accept cryptocurrency payments


Personal customer support and selection of channels for advertising


Placement control and a guarantee of a refund for non-execution of the transaction


Customer support and support of advertising campaigns

Why choose advertising in Telegram?

We used to read the news in the media. Today, everyone follows the news and consumes content in Telegram channels.

Simple conditions for publishing
High level of trust in the site
Millions of users worldwide
High advertising efficiency

Convenient solutions for advertisers
and channel owners

For advertisers

Promote your product with Tagio

  • Personal customer support
  • Advertisement constructor
  • Automatic selection for any budget
  • Large selection of payment methods
  • Bulk deals to save time and budget
  • Reporting and monitoring the effectiveness of publications
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For channel owners

Start earning with Tagio

  • Publications scheduler
  • Free cross advertisement
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Partner and referral program
  • Hypersell to sold out ads
  • Donate bots to collect donations
  • Own checkout bots to buy ads without leaving Telegram
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Our clients are hundreds of companies and businesses that are looking for new opportunities to attract their
clients, while saving time and money on advertising.

The TAGIO.PRO platform has been operating in the advertising placement market since 2020. During this time we have placed hundreds of thousands of advertising publications in Telegram channels.

Once having tried our convenient service, customers always stay with us. Just a couple clicks and your ad will be seen by millions of users around the world, and our loyal support is always will help deal with any issue. Save your working time, use TAGIO.PRO and post advertising is automated.

A new era of advertising in Telegram channels is already available on TAGIO.PRO. Pass a simple authorization and start attracting customers now.

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