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Support Center

Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

Advertisement placement terms and conditions

Requirements for placed advertising materials:

  1. At least 24 hours in the feed of the channel
  2. At least 1 hour of top (nothing is published after the advertisement is released)
  3. It is forbidden to attach / detach any posts for the duration of the top.
  4. It is forbidden to edit the channel for the time of the top (changing the avatar, name)

How ads are placed

  • Automatically published
  • Automatically deleted
  • Automatically controlled

My advertisement was published and removed ahead of time.

Our bot will see it. Most likely even before you. If an advertisement is removed before it should, the advertiser's funds will be returned in full.

What happens if you publish a post earlier than an hour after the advertisement is released?

You can't do that. These are violations of the advertising rules. The advertising post will be automatically deleted, the funds will be returned to the advertiser in full. The platform makes 4 checks of the advertising post during the placement time. Checks are carried out at random times, but not more than once every 8 hours. The final check takes place at the end of publication. This rule ALSO applies to mutual PR posts.

The platform has access to all the posts of the channel, incl. deleted. So don't try to fool anyone. The top must be observed at all times. Treat your colleagues and clients with respect.

Can I decline a request?

Yes. Any requests do not carry the forced nature of the publication. Moreover, it will not be published without the administrator's permission.

24 hours have passed since the publication of the advertisement, and the post itself is not deleted.

Periodically, an overload occurs when too many orders were placed on the platform for a certain time. Currently, such delays can be up to 60 minutes. But you can't delete a post manually. The development team is already working on a scalable solution that will eliminate this problem completely. The delay allowed for us is no more than 5-10 minutes.

Any questions left?

Contact us in Telegram chat or read the FAQ section to find answers.